Weight Loss

Kangen Water® and Weight Loss

Water and Weight Loss? What does that Mean?

Naturally, weight loss occurs when you are burning more energy
than you are taking in. Most weight loss plans involve reduced
caloric intake and enough exercise to help boost your

What many plans fail to emphasize is the importance of high quality water in this process. Water is at the very base of all these reactions that can lead to weight loss.

For example, with the assistance of water, your body’s liver can
utilize and metabolize your body’s stored fat into energy. Because water helps move nutrients across the body from food and nutritional supplements, it contributes to building muscle mass as you exercise and weight train. Increased muscle mass therefore leads to an increase in metabolic rate.

Dr. Hiromi Shinya, in his book, “The Enzyme Factor” addresses this issue of weight and water:

“The idea of drinking water to lose weight may sound bogus, but the idea holds some truth.

“When you drink water, the sympathetic nerves get stimulated. activating energy metabolism and increasing caloric consumption, which results in weight loss. When you stimulate the sympathetic nerves, adreneline is secreted. Adreneline activates the hormone-sensitive lipase found in fat tissue, which then breaks down triglycerides into fatty acid and glycerol, making it easier for your body to burn stored fat.

There have been reports showing how much caloric consumption increases as a result of drinking water.

According to these reports, consistently drinking a little over two cups of water three times a day increases the number of calories burned in the body by approximately 30%. Moreover, about 30 minutes after drinking water, the calorie burn reaches its peak.

This fact makes it clear that people with excess fat should make it a habit to drink at least 6.5 cups of good water every day. And what kind of water is most effictive for this purpose? Water that is lower in temperature than your body temperature but not icy cold.

According to experiments, water that is about 70%F will increase caloric consumption. Cold water is considered good because considerable amounts of energy get used to warm up that water to body temperature.”

Dr. Shinya advises further about lifestyle changes along with water.

“No matter how often you drink water, you should not expect significant weight loss until your eating habits also change. Changing your eating habits does not necessarily mean decreasing the amount you eat. It is important to eat foods rich in enzymes if you want to lose your extra weight.”

“If you eat enzyme rich food the proper way and drink the necessary amount of good water, there is no need to go on a diet to lose or gain weight. As proof of this, if a person who is too thin follows this health lifestyle, he or she will actually gain weight to become normal size.”

“If you master habits which are good for your health . . . on a daily basis, your body will naturally assume the right condition.”

To find out more about Dr. Shinya’s recommendations for good health, and his recommendations for Kangen Water®, read the The Enzyme Factor and Dr. Shinya’s newest book, The Microbe Factor.


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