High Alkaline diet and ZERO recurrence of ANY kind of Cancer

This last statement has been verified in spades by Dr. Hiromi Shinya, the co-developer of the colonoscopy and a life-saving medical tool used for the endoscopic treatment that removes polyps in the colon. His technique for removing these growths, called the “Shinya Method”, is widely utilized in colonoscopies today. Dr. Shinya has performed more than 370,000 of these medical tests and over 140,000 polypectomies and is a staunch supporter of ionized water, mainly because he has seen its results in the descending colon. The video evidence, both before and after the usage of ionized water, is stunning. You can view these videos yourself by entering the good Doctor’s name into your search engine – hopefully, after you’re done eating. Dr. Shinya puts all of his patients on a high alkaline diet with a minimum of one gallon of ionized water (depending on body size) per day. All of the cancer patients that he and his team have treated have a ZERO recurrence of ANY kind of cancer. In his book he states flatly that if people would follow his recommended lifestyle – there would be no cancer at all.

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